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September 12th, 2007

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08:14 pm - Hey There..
Hello everybody,

My dad got a job offer in Thompson recently, and is considering moving there for a couple of years with my Mom and 12 Year-old sister. The problem is, we know very little about Thompson (sorry for my ignorance) and wanted to help my parents out. Can I get some information about what the cities like? Things to do? How are the people of the community, etc. Any help would be wonderful, thanks so much!


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Date:September 13th, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
I'm glad I'm first to comment, so I can give you heads up that there are lots of grumpy Gusses and negative Petes that will make this town sound like a bad place to live. So I'll talk about the good things. First, we've got the best pizza in Canada and maybe the world. Honestly. Tom's and Santa Maria make the same sorta pizza (family owned) and wow. Reason enough to live here.

And there's lots and lots of lakes around here, which means good fishing, canoeing, hiking, etc. There's a ski hill, a golf course, a hockey rink, curling rink, other sports places. There's around 6 or 7 elementary schools, one high school, and a college. 15 minutes out of town is Paint Lake, a provincial park with a beach, campground, cabins. Pisew Falls is not far away, either, it's pretty nice there. There's a sweet hiking trail that starts at Pisew, goes to Kwasitchewan Falls, and around back to Pisew. Oh, and there's the Millenium Trail which encircles the town, as well, it's good for walking and biking in the summer.

If you're not outdoorsy, there's a movie theatre, two bowling alleys, lots of restaurants, a library, a couple malls, some bars.

It's not a city even close to what Vancouver or even Winnipeg is like. It's smaaallll. The people here are not super friendly, in general, but there are some awesome people here. Lots of workin' folk, you know, small-town prairie miners. Bad apples, too, there's crime and homelessness, but as long as you're not walking alone at night, or picking fights, you'll be alright. There's sort of an arts scene, too, with live jam nights at the arts council building on friday nights, a film festival coming up in november, some local bands.

Worst thing about this town is the winter, if you ask me. But hey, global warming! Anyways... your dad get an offer from the mine here, INCO, or from Manitoba Hydro, or somewhere else? Where are you guys coming from?


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